Fugawi Google Earth Plug-in Version

Fugawi Google Earth Plug-in Version 4.5

This is a freeware application that allows you to interact with Google Earth
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Fugawi Google Earth Plug-in Version 4.5 is an experimental freeware plug-in feature application that allows you to interact with Google Earth, by using Fugawi Global Navigator and Fugawi Marine ENC. This program is fun, easy to use and to follow, It allows you to experiment earth from many different angles. You can transfer maps from and to Google Earth, display GPS position, show-and-hide maps, and more.

This program is a good tool when searching for places, and the proper option for those who enjoy navigating around the world. I recommend this program to people all ages, map lovers, students, etc.

This program allows you to display a split screen for both Google Earth and Fagawi, synchronize maps and areas with GE maps, create routes, calculate distances, and display GPS positions. You can also open-show-or-hide areas, countries, continents and the world in different scale maps. This application allows you to put your own plans to Google Earth and transfer them from or to it, as well as waypoint, track records, KML files, paths, 3D map views.

This program works with Microsoft Windows.

Daniel Verdesoto
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